Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Capturing packets from an Interface in a MIB

I had to use pcap to capture packets arriving at a particular interface. For that the snmp daemon needs to run as root. You can configure the options for starting up the snmpd program in /etc/default/snmpd. What's not cool, though, is trying to start it up and shut it down. It seems that nanosleep on Linux doesn't work, or rather it only works with a resolution of 1 second. No matter how many nanoseconds you specify nanosleep doesn't sleep until you fill in the tv_sec field. This is, however, more annoying than a show-stopper. I can now start packet capture via pcap_loop and kill it with pcap_breakloop. Stopping takes a few seconds but mostly works. So now we have a MIB that actually detects DDoS attacks!!!

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