Sunday, September 6, 2009

Deploying Portlets (to Pluto) with Netbeans

Continuing on with the topic of my previous post, I have set up Netbeans to deploy the portlet's WAR file directly to the Pluto portal implementation without having to copy a file to the 'webapps' folder manually.

You'll need the bundled version of Pluto, or at least have Pluto installed on top of Apache Tomcat, and the plugin for Netbeans that supports Tomcat as an application server. I won't go through the process of setting up Tomcat as a server in netbeans, suffice to say it's very straight forward once you have installed the plugin (Tools -> Plugins -> Tomcat, install). Configure you're previously created portlet project to use the Tomcat server as a deployment point and you're done.

A few side points:
The default Context Path (url) is '/Hello'. If you want something more meaningful, just go to the properties for your project, and in the 'Run' section, change the context path to something better, eg NetworkStatusPortlet

You'll still need to configure the layout and page for your portlet in Pluto. So go into Pluto admin, and find you're recently deployed portlet and add it to an existing page or a new one.

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