Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Limiting CPU on Linux

Cpulimit is a tool that sends SIGSTOP and SIGCONT signals to a process to limit its percentage of CPU usage. That strikes me as being a bit heavy-handed. I was after something I could set in the kernel that would do it more elegantly. The problem is that for DDoS experiments the CPU gets so tied up handling the attack that there's not enough CPU oomph left to tell the monitoring program how it is going. So during the attack we just don't know what is happening.

So I decided to use nice values for the service under attack and a higher nice value for the monitoring program. That way, at least in theory, I should be able to continue monitoring. It doesn't seem possible to limit the service under attack to a fixed percentage of CPU.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work either. Although the query runs outside the service OK, as soon as you try to get a response out of the service under attack, even if you limit it to 5% of total CPU, it won't respond, because it is too busy.

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