Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NICs in Optiplex 960s (Small Form Factor)

Since the dos testbed requires both an attack network and a monitoring network, which are wholly separate, we need a second NIC in each of the four Optiplex workstations. The problem is that the PCIe slot is already taken up by the DVI graphics card. Dell recommend that we use a Broadcomm gigabit card in the PCIe slot, and don't say what to do with the remaining PCI one. We tried a low profile DLINK card, of which Gleb found four examples, but the machine won't then boot. A full size Intel card though did work, but then we can't close the case. We're going to try an Intel Pro 1000 GT low profile card, at $40 a go. If one works we can buy another three.

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