Sunday, June 21, 2009

Reconfiguring Tomcat for Jetspeed

One modification of Tomcat made by Jetspeed, which perhaps it shouldn't make, is the adding of the following lines to server.xml in the conf directory:

<!-- deployed Apache Portals Jetspeed/APA listener to initialize logging directory system property -->
<Listener className="org.apache.portals.applications.logging.tomcat .LoggingPropertiesServerListener"/>
Without this line the variable org.apache.portals.logdir is unset and as a result it tries to access jetspeed-specific log files located at <blank>/, or /, aka rootdir, which it can't.

There is another modification in conf/Catalina/localhost/dostf.xml (of course the 'dostf' and 'localhost' components may vary), which specifies where the jetspeed database is located. Unfortunately it won't load the database I created after customisation of dostf, nor the working copy of dv's database. These files really shouldn't hold any information about the customised application. Also there are libraries added to the lib directory of tomcat by jetspeed. Presumably because they are needed for all jetspeed applications. Copying this to a commercial webserver would thus be impossible.

At the moment it objects that the 'Table/View PORTLET_APPLICATION doesn't exist'. No idea yet what that means. It seems to find the database itself, but not a specific table within it. However, when I swapped my dosTF database with that provided by another Jetspeed application, it worked.

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